My dogs eat better than me??!

Mr. Zen will often remind me that the dogs eat better than him. We banter more than most, so he says it tongue in cheek. But there is a little bit of truth to that.

Let me defend explain.

I love to cook. I’d like to even say I am pretty darn good at it. So it’s not unusual for me to whip up some culinary delight from one of my many cookbooks piled in our kitchen.

I have a cookbook addiction.

Well, I actually have a book addiction, but that’s not what this blog is about.

On occasion,especially after a long day at work, we forgo the fancy cooking and go for convenience. Sometimes that can mean a frozen pizza.

But when it comes to our dogs, convenience is never an option.

If you  follow me on instagram, you know that The Honest Kitchen + Protein +occasional supplements is how we roll around here. I recently shared what a typical meal looks like, with THK Grain Free Base Mix and grass fed beef.


Grass fed what?

Yep, that’s what he said. <enter bantering>

Here is where my undevotional crazy love for my pups enters the picture. I will buy decent brands of meat for our dinners. The local grocery chain has great choices and sales usually drive the menu for me.

We also have one of those fancy, organic, everything marked up kind of grocers near us. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to peruse through there. Where else can you sip a green kale smoothie while shopping for hemp lotion and local organic produce?

This is the very place I will, more often than I care to admit, shop for the protein portion of their meals. Grass fed beef, wild Alaskan salmon, cage-free & happy chicken….you get the picture.

Mr. Zen laughs when I come home with a bag full of overpriced meat. He’ll mention a rotisserie chicken at Sam’s Club is $5 and can last a whole week. I’ll go on and on about hormones and unhappy chickens in cages. Then he’ll say ….”The dogs eat better than me”.

He’s right.

We both agree we need to put the same level of effort into making our diets as healthy as possible.  We’re getting there. I told  Mr. Zen I have plans for us.

Shhhh……….he doesn’t know that involves less meat.

I know I cannot be alone. Anyone who is not feeding their dogs kibble is probably doing so because they have educated themselves on better dog nutrition. And once you start down that path, you will end up feeding more human foods than commercial foods.

This will cost you a lot more if you don’t shop smart.

I don’t shop smart. I eventually will. But right now their health is all I care about.

Do your pets eat better than you? In what ways?


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