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March Favorite Dog Products

Welcome to monthly favorites! Sharing favorite dog products and related goodies with you each month.

Here are a few favorites from March. (Technically, one is from earlier in the year, but it would be cruel not to share it with you).

So let’s get to it.

Kissable Dental Wipes

I was in search of a way to clean Skip and Jackson’s teeth that didn’t end up looking like a WWE wrestling match. I was never the winner.

I’ve tried different types of oral care products. So after numerous attempt with tooth brushes, wipes that wrapped around your finger, dental chews and sprays; I found Kissable Dental Wipes.

Sitting on my bathroom counter, it has become a nightly routine.

These pre-moistened cotton rounds are easy to handle. Better yet, they work pretty well too. I can see residue on the rounds after a successful cleaning.

I still have to work at getting the dogs to hold still, but these wipes have made it much easier on them and me.

I purchased this jar at a local natural pet store. For 50 wipes, I paid $12.99. While I love to support  small businesses, you can find them on Amazon for just under $10.

SHAGS pet bed

This was one of those purchases that made me second guess myself from the moment I placed my order. AT $89.99 for a medium size (as seen below), I wondered if I hadn’t lost my mind. When it arrived, I still wasn’t sure I hadn’t been swindled.

The website claims they are chew proof, double stitched, removable/washable covers and temperature controlling.

My face lotion claims it will reduce wrinkles and make me look like Cindy Crawford.

We can’t believe all the marketing hype.

But I chose to keep the bed.

Jax bean bag bed
Jackson in the medium SHAGS bed.

In the end, the dogs really do love it. So much, that I bought a second…larger bed. I noticed they snuggled more in their beds during the colder days, so perhaps they really control temperature.

I know, I lost my mind. But they love them, sleep in the them all day and are fur-ever grateful. I can tell by the way they look at me when they curl up for a nap.



Jolly Pet Teaser Ball

There isn’t a ball Skippie met that he didn’t obsess over.

He hides all the balls in his kingdom in a far, far away land.

Or better known as under the bed.

I purchased two 6in teaser balls. One for him and one for Jax.

Skippie took both. The rest is history.

teaser ball
Skippie guarding his teaser ball on the couch.

What do I like about the teaser ball?

Well, for starters….when Jax does have the rare chance at sinking his teeth on it, it proves to be pretty durable. There are some small indentations from their teeth. But this is sturdy and entertaining.

I also think Skippie is waiting for the day he can get the green tennis looking ball inside.

He loves tennis balls.

He is willing to wait to it out.


I hope you like my favorites this month. If you have any of the products above, or decide to purchase….let us know what you think.

~Stay Zen!




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