Fun ways to celebrate spring with your dog

I get giddy just thinking about the warmer months ahead. In line with  #bucketlistsaturday , here are some fun things to try with Fido this spring.

Think of it like a spring break.

But more fun.

Play in the mud

This one isn’t as fun to clean up after, but chasing balls in the park on freshly rained grass is fun. Dogs love mud! Well, mine do anyway. Just be sure to follow with a bath and treats.

Outdoor Dining

I love an outdoor cafe. Probably what I loved most about Paris. There’s a place to rest, nibble and sip an espresso on every corner. Dogs are welcome at most restaurants too. Double the love!

In SE Wisconsin, outdoor dining isn’t as popular.

Unless you count ice fishing.

But there are a few well known eateries with beautiful city or lake views; and dogs are welcome too. So grab  your pup and dine Paris style.


Long Walks in Special Places

What’s a special place?

That place your dog loves to roam, but old man winter keeps you from getting there for the darker months of the year.

For us, it’s the beach at Pewaukee Lake. Skippie loves to chase the floating sticks. Jax loves to taunt the ducks. So we usually make our first trek to the beach in the spring, when there are no sunbathers. They love it!

If you don’t have a special place, find a park they’ve never been to. Let them explore and sniff the new smells.

Or find a new place every spring to visit.

They will love you for it.

Skippie’s 1st visit to the Jersey Shore, circa 2011

Drive with the windows down

We’ve gotten into a bad habit of only taking them for a ride for vet or kennel visits. So the previously enjoyed car ride, now ends with ears pressed down and those big soulful, sad eyes staring at me.

This spring we’ll get back into the habit of the no-where ride. We are going no where …and we are going to love it.

If you normally drive around with your fur loving friend, then stop at a pet bakery or pet store for a special treat. Make the usual ride a little more special.

But don’t forget to roll down the windows just a bit and let the fur fly.

But put the window lock on.

Lake Sports

Besides chasing sticks in the lake, this year I would like to find a place to kayak with my dog -or -try stand up paddle boarding/yoga.

Skippie likes the water best, so he it won’t scare him.

Of course, be mindful of any algae/bacteria levels in your area parks and beaches. Check the local websites before visiting.

Or play it safe and get a kiddie pool. Throw some floating toys and splash away.


These may not be brand new ideas, but hopefully while reading this you were able to come up with a new one. Maybe a farmers market?

Share your ideas you’ll be doing to make spring extra paw-some this year.


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