Announcing… #Bucket List Saturday

Every morning I sip my coffee while scrolling through Facebook. Typically I am not paying close attention to anything, until a picture of a cute dogs appears in front of me. Then it feels like the caffeine is suddenly kicking in. An adrenaline rush that I can’t deny.  I click on the article or photo as I anxiously wait for it to load.

I feel like a junkie.

Tell me I am not alone.

One morning I found an article of a woman who gave her dying dog all the items on their bucket list. Really, this isn’t the first time I read a similar article, but there was something about this one….on this morning……that got me thinking.

What would I put on my dog’s bucket list?

T-bone Steak?

Run free on a beach?

One hundred tennis balls? (Seriously, Skippie would love this!)

As I started to think about what my list would be, and I might add this is a slightly morbid exercise, I started to wonder if that is really how we should live with our dogs.

What if I never have a chance to learn they have X amount of days left?

What if they become suddenly ill and my time is taken away….without notice?

As tears started to fall down my face, I thought….. this too is how we sometimes treat our human relationships in our life. We take things for granted. We don’t appreciate the small moments until we can no longer have them.

From that January morning, I vowed to never create a bucket list for my dogs, should I have a per-determined amount of time with them.

I vowed to make everyday a bucket list day.

If you read my previous post Where Have We Been? I wrote about settings goals for myself that include spending more time to be a better dog mom. Really, this thought originated from this Bucket List morning.

So I thought…why not share my bucket list days with my readers.

Assuming I have any.

If you are busy like me, everyday can’t be a bucket list day, outside of all the usual ways I show my love for them.

I have to work.

Clean the house.

Pay the bills.

But……I can make more consistent attempts at bucket-like list items and share them with you all.

So starting March 5th, every Saturday will be Bucket List Saturday.

I will share with you what I am doing that is extra-special outside of our normal routine, so my dogs can live out their special days…..while I have them.

I will share on instagram using #bucketlistsaturday tag. Make sure to follow me and say hi!


Then I will follow up with a monthly post here on my blog.

I hope you will follow along. Post your Bucket List Saturday photos. Share your special moments….so we can spread the joy all around.

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