Where Have We Been? Zen Resolutions..

My last post was a while ago.

Actually, a long while ago. 8 months to be exact. One more month and I could have delivered a baby.

Or a puppy.

But I’ve been procrastinating other things in my life, and sharing my “zen-ness” fell to the back burner. But now I’m back.

January is a time where we all look to resolutions or goals. Eat less, more move, don’t eat french fries on Fridays….but I wanted to share with you my goals to be a better dog mom. I’m a damn good one now, but my busy work life leaves room for some improvement.

So here we go:

Play more

   With a demanding corporate job, I finally caved in and hired a dog walker. You can read more about that here. She comes over at lunch time, walks the dogs, plays and gives treats. Needless to say she is loved by my dogs, maybe even a little more than they love me. Knowing they get a good 30 minute walk in everyday has allowed me to think I can slack off and not spend as much time with them. This is not true.

   So this year, I need to spend more time playing. Throw the ball around. Walk outside, not just for potty purposes. Train and reward behavior I want.

   Stop to enjoy them more.

Brush Teeth

Photo from WebMd

I go to the dentist every six months. My oral hygiene is important to me. So why don’t I put the same effort into my dogs teeth? I do brush them, once in a while. They do get dental treats, once in a while. But nothing is daily.

   This year, I’ll work my way up to daily teeth cleaning. Since they are not used to it, they fight back and it can feel like a WWE wrestling match. This eventually leaves all of us exhausted!

   Baby steps.

   One night, one dog at a time, gentle and rewarding.

  I would love to know if you have pet related goals or resolutions this year. What do you struggle with or what tips can you share for my goals.

Hope your year is starting out zen!



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