Finding Pet Insurance,Costly Vet Bills

January and June are the months my dogs are due for their annual vet check up. So these months I can usually expect to spend between $200-$300 each.

I’m glad they are not on the same schedule.

I haven’t shared my struggles with Skippie and some health scares we had, but in the past two years I’ve spent about $5000 on him.

Stay tuned for more on him. Luckily now we are back to normal.

Or our new normal.

His annual visit was in January and since he is a senior dog (don’t tell him), he now will visit the vet every six months.

He doesn’t know this yet.

This week, I took Jax to for his annual. I posted this funny picture on Instagram. I couldn’t help myself with that face.


That is his….I see the door behind me face.

He wasn’t thrilled.

Neither was I.

I spent $873.



We noticed some new behaviors with Jax and wanted to get them checked out. For starters, he’s drinking way too much water.

Like……..now he has to go out every two hours and we’re having a few accidents in the house….too much water.

He also is feverishly pulling and chewing large chunks of grass on our walks. While he always chewed on some grass, he now grabs bigger chunks with urgency.

Kinda like a junkie.

So we ran blood work (Chem Panel, CBC and Thyroid), urinalysis and the normal titers and stuff.

I might need a second job.

Or maybe I should consider pet insurance.

I went online to research some insurers. I’ve heard of Trupanion and VPI. I also knew there might be a few more…..but there are 14 Companies that offer pet inusrance in the US.

Yes. 14.

Healthy Paws
Petplan USA
Pets Best
VetCare Health

It’s overwhelming to say the least.

I’ll be collecting information and requesting quotes in the next few weeks. I’ll use this site to read reviews:


Stay tuned for my research results and the final pick!

If you have pet insurance, comment below.

What is your experience? Do you get reimbursed quickly? Have you had any problems?

I love to know what my readers experience.

I do have readers out there…right?

Paws Up, Michele

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