Leaving The Dogs And Rituals

It’s been a crazy few weeks here in our den. Just when I thought this week would be calmer, I had a last minute business trip.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind a trip now and again. I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I even like to spend a few days away from the den.

I think Mr. Zen misses me when I’m gone.

But when it comes to leaving my dogs…..I could cry for days.

Like an ugly Oprah cry.

Needless to say, there is some prep work that goes into making sure the dogs are taken care of. Of course, Mr. Zen is capable……but he’s not me.

Know what I mean?

So here is what I did to make sure I had peace of mind while I traveled the globe.

By globe I mean Colorado.

Some people make sure their families have food before they venture on a trip. Snacks for the kids. Jerky or beer for the hubby. You get the idea.
I, on the other hand, make sure that my fur balls have plenty of food and treats to last a lifetime. Ya know…in case there is an apocalypse and I can’t make it back in time.
If you follow me on instagram……(and if you don’t, you need to drop everything and follow me now), you would have seen my picture of a bigger than normal batch of Honest Kitchen.


My dogs are 20 pounds each….so it’s about five days worth of food.

Yes, Mr. Zen knows how to mix it. But does he mix it the way I would?

Let’s avoid any domestic upset, shall we.

With the mix, I add a rotating protein source. This week it was turkey. So I cooked up a batch of that too. (Just cooked in a pan with nothing added. Flavorless, yes. Healthy for dogs, yes.)



Treats in the treat jar.


Dog Walker
As you know from my previous post, we hired a dog walker! Since Mr. Zen leaves much earlier than me in the morning, I needed to adjust the time that our walker comes.

Her name is Kim.

And we love her.

So instead of coming during the lunch hour, Kim would come an hour earlier.

I also left Kim a note letting her know I’d be away.

In case she needed to know.

But mostly because I wanted her to know.

So if something wasn’t right, she could alert me right away.

Like maybe the treat jar went missing and Mr. Zen hadn’t noticed.

Or maybe I’m just neurotic.

You decide.

Friendly Reminders
Sometimes Mr. Zen has a habit of forgetting to put their collars on in the morning.

I tell myself he forgets, so we can stay together.

So a little, friendly reminder is all that’s needed to remain in this relationship blissfully.

Consider it a love note of sorts.

Proof of Life
Yes, you read that correctly.

Proof – of – life.

On occasion I may have been known to request a text with a picture of the dogs.

From THAT day.

I may have also been known to zoom and exam that picture for signs of distress.

Like no leash while outside.

Or a missing treat jar.

What? This isn’t normal?

All kidding aside, I trust Mr. Zen with our dogs through and through. He knows and accepts that I NEED to do these rituals for myself. That’s why I love him.

Maybe one day I’ll share the 8-page guide I left him when we he was taking care of Skippie. We were first dating and I had to take a trip to China. I was more nervous about leaving my dog behind, than about the long plane ride to a foreign country.

Yep. He still has it five years later.

It’s embarrassing to read now.

Maybe I won’t post it.
Do you have rituals with your dogs or pets before leaving them behind? Please share. I’d love to hear how normal I am.

Or not.

That’s ok too.

Paws Up!

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