Minimergency Kit for Dogs: Product Review

Sometimes you find yourself in a pinch and in need of a dog essential. I feel like I live in a sea of poop bags. They are everywhere.

I even found one in my laptop bag.

Made for an awkward moment at work.

But it’s moments when I reach for one and don’t have it that make me sweat like Richard Simmons 45 minutes into Sweatin’ With The Oldies.

I think I just aged myself.

Recently, while shopping in a stationary store in downtown Milwaukee (Broadway Paper), I came across a Minimergency Kit for Dogs. It’s manufactured by Pinch Provisions in Elk Grove, Illinois. The kit includes:

  • 2 ear wipes
  • 2 eye wipes
  • 2 dental wipes
  • 2 rolls of poop bags (15 each)
  • 1 collapsible water bowl

They also have kits for women, men, teachers and brides. Pretty handy items. Check out the link above.

The package for the dog kit is quite impressive. For it’s compact size, it holds a lot of content. With it’s chic leopard looking design, the price tag of $16 didn’t scare me away.

Mr. Zen, the tight wad logical one, was insistent that I didn’t need to pay $16 for something when I already have all the items at our house.

Au contraire mon frère.

Yes. I do own all the products or versions inside. BUT, I don’t have it wrapped inside a must-have, chic-looking, leopard-ish bag.

As cute as the bag is, I wasn’t sure I could put everything back in after I tore into it. So I took everything out, then reassembled. Check it out!

Right out of the box….unzipped for your viewing pleasure
Everything inside
Everything inside
Water bowl folded
Water bowl folded
Water bowl open
Water bowl open
Everything packed back in
Everything packed back in

I am happy with this purchase. I plan to keep mine in my car for those minimergencies. I’ll still tote a regular size waterbowl, bags and wipes to the dog park. But this is great for the times I am spontaneous and take a spin with the dogs, top down….wind in my hair.

Well….I imagine if I could take the top down, I would. We coast around town in a Subaru.

While this isn’t intended to take the place of a first aid kit, it’s still very handy.

Do you have a minimergency kit? What essentials are your must-have?

Want to see a YouTube video review? Comment below.

Thanks for reading. xoxo

Paws up!

3 thoughts on “Minimergency Kit for Dogs: Product Review

  1. One can never have enough kits for ourselves & for our four-legged friends! I like the look of the bag & the gold zipper; we all know we can never have enough poop bags, and wipes are handy items, too ~ I’ve had my fair share of poop-on-hands-situations, and would have given a lot for a wet wipe 😉


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