Free business advice I learned from my dogs

Yep! You read that right. Free business advice I learned from my dogs.

I work for a large company. This means I must have exceptional social skills and constantly need to keep them sharp. This translates into being an awesome people person.

And I learned the best skills from my dogs. Well, some of them. I don’t sniff my co-worker’s butt when they approach. A handshake does just fine.

Speaking of handshake……….How we greet people is the most important thing we can do to stay ahead in the business world. (Or any world) It’s important to greet people with a warm friendly smile and show sincerity. But how do we do this? Here’s an example of the average interaction I hear daily.

Bob: “Hello Jim. Nice to meet you”.

Jim: “Nice to meet you too Jim”

Underwhelming? You bet!

The youngest member in our pack (Jax) is a prime example of the perfect way to greet people.

Jax loves (in an unnatural way) our neighbor Bill. When he sees Bill the RPM’s in his tail hit an all-time high. (I’m pretty sure one day he will elevate himself and be mistaken for a drone.) The look on Bill’s face is worth the slight trickle of pee that I hope Bill doesn’t notice. (If you’re reading this….Sorry Bill)

This had me thinking. What if I greeted everyone at work with the same authentic and excited behavior.

Well, not the exactly like that. But you catch my drift.

So I did. Every time someone greets me, I show a genuine big and bright smile. This shows your interest in seeing THEM. I do the obligatory handshake and ask a question.

Always ask a question. Not just a close ended one either.

For example: How are your children? How’s the new position going? What brings you to our office today. You’ve got the idea.

If I see this person everyday, obviously we don’t shake hands every encounter. But I do still flash my smile and ask them a question.

If it is a scenario where you are walking past each other. The typical conversation is

“Hi. How are you?”

“Good. How are you?”


B L A H!!!

Instead, when asked how I am…..I respond: “Fantastic. How is your day going?”.

It’s amazing to see them light up when you replace the word good with fantastic, fabulous, wonderful.

This is more appropriate then leaving a trickle of excitement behind. But feel free to modify as you want.

Sometimes I sit back and watch my dogs excitement. Each time I come home they are happy to see me. Even if it’s been 5 minutes or 5 hours. The way they make me feel is how I want others to feel when they see me.

This one people skill will get you so much farther than you can imagine. Give it try.

Do your dogs give free business advice? Let us know about it.

Thanks for reading…..

Paws up, Michele

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