First post, Canine Flu & Gilmore Girls

What a way to break into the world of blogging. Canine Flu?

But it’s real and it’s happening.

I don’t like the human flu.



The awkwardness of not wanting to shake hands with someone who looks like they may have come in contact with someone who may know someone with the flu.

You get the idea.

If you live in the Midwest, you are anxiously aware that there is a canine flu happening.


With humans, we can wash our hands. Take extra Vitamin C.  Avoid socializing and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix while lounging in your favorite leopard pajamas all day.

Not that I’ve done this.

Here’s what I know about the flu. (Mind you I am not a veterinary professional. I am just an average dog lover who knows how to get on….. The Google, as my Mother would say) Specifically, PetMD.

  1. This is not a new disease. It was first documented in 2004, in Florida.
  2. The signs and symptoms are similar to humans: fever, sneezing, coughing and overuse of hand sanitizer. Ok….not the hand sanitizer part, but you get the idea.
  3. Lethargy (or tired for us regular folks).
  4. Passed from dog to dog;  shared toys, bowls,  etc.
  5. There is a vaccine available. (I personally suggest doing real and serious research before vaccination) *More information is available everyday regarding this recent strain and effectiveness of the current vaccine. Any considerations should include talking with your vet.

So I asked myself, what would Lorelei do for Paul Anka? When it comes to our beloved canines, what can we do?

I’ve decided that my dogs require a careful eye to make sure I can spot early signs. For example, yesterday my dogs slept all day. Does that mean they have the flu? Probably not. I get the sense they sleep all day, everyday. But if I offer the “C” word (We can’t say cookie here…..or they go insane) and they do not respond, that would be a concern.

A huge concern.

If you kennel your dogs or take them to daycare, call ahead of time to ensure the vaccine is not required. I will be avoiding both the kennel or daycare for a while.

Keep water and food bowls clean, especially if you have multiple dogs. (Who wouldn’t want more than one dog. They’re like chips….you can’t just have one!) I recently saw a poll (or Facebook post) that asked readers how often they wash their pet’s bowl. Some people only wash them once a week!

I have no words.

Cross contamination is important to prevent. So wash those bowls after each use.


Thank you.

These are a few and easy things we can do to keep our dogs healthy. What we shouldn’t do is panic. Stay informed and keep observing them. Or eat tons of ice cream till this is over.

Either is fine.

How are you feeling about this epidemic? Let us know.

Paws up, Michele

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